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We have formed a group of socially active doctors and others, called SPEAK i e Society for promotion of ethical and affordable care. It will welcome members from all professions, who subscribe to its aims and objectives. A website with the name www.speakforhealthyindia.com has been set up to realize the goals. The website will espouse the cause through ‘Advocacy for promotion of ethical and affordable healthcare through write ups, seminars, blogs, print and TV media, social media sites like twitter, help of government and NGOs etc. It will also educate the public to have faith in medical profession and will focus on the good work being done by most of the doctors. It will also have tips on healthy life style. Patient Information column on the website will provide medical literacy and health education to the people esp those requiring healthcare. The write up will be by top medical professionals. The website will be an interactive one where the request for information (RFI) can be sent on e mail and guidance given about the nature of ailment or the type of specialist to be consulted. We will appeal to various hospitals to get the rates revised downwards by persuasion/ reasoning to make it affordable, esp for the EWS and middle class.

Anyone interested in ‘healthy India’ can enroll himself/herself as member by filling a form on ‘Request for membership’ (RFM) . There is no membership fee. Also there is no charge for availing consultation on the web. However every questioner or prospective member will say ‘I agree’ to the terms and conditions including privacy and legal protection to SPEAK.


Gomco Patiala Alumni Association (GPAA) Chandigarh Chapter was set up in the year 1997 when Dr. Randhiraj S. Sandhu took over as the director health services Chandigarh administration and conceived the idea of forming the association. He had twin objectives in mind i e fostering close ties among its members and other doctors of the region and to approach issues of social/ national importance through this vibrant forum. As the founder President, he organized several conferences with these objectives in mind. GPAA reached the pinnacle of glory when they organized Indo-US C M E programme for the benefit of over 700 delegates in the year 1998. Then there was a regional seminar on medical tourism in collaboration with Chandigarh Admnistration in the year 2005. His work was consolidated by several of his successor Presidents viz. Dr. Joginder Singh, Dr. Rameshwer chander,Dr. Surinder Jindal, Dr. Atul Sachdeva, Dr. Y.P.Sharma and others. We hope Dr.M.S.Dhillon the new President GPAA will keep the Gomco flag flying high.

Recently a seminar on ethical and affordable healthcare, first of its kind, was organized with Prof Raj Bahadur, vice chancellor health university Punjab as the chief guest.

It is suggested that all the members of local chapter of GPAA send their e mail address for display on this site so that communication among the members and others improve.

GOMCO Research Foundation

A trust with the name of GRF was got registered at Chandigarh under the chairmanship of Dr. Randhiraj Singh Sandhu the then director health services in the year 1997-98 with the objectives of reuniting the alumni of Govt. medical college Patiala, promoting medical education and research and making patient care more friendly and less expensive. Medical literacy and health education were the other objectives. Dr. R.Kumar was co-opted as the managing trustee. It facilitated the formation of GPPA soon after.

The idea of SPEAK germinated on the occasion of last seminar on ethical and affordable healthcare held on Dec 21, 2014 at hotel Shivalik Chandigarh and Dr. R.Kumar a senior eye specialist and health columnist took initiative to set up an independent body ‘society for promotion of ethical and affordable care’ SPEAK.

SPEAK, is an independent body of professionals from all walks of life. It will be a mouth organ of healthy India. It will be an active forum for social advocacy, patient information, forum of interaction for the doctors and public and would endeavor to set up a portal for healthy India. It will also set up guidance cum first- aid counter for patients. It is a nonprofit organization and does not accept any fee from public or patients or any membership fee.

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