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Anaemia is responsible for wide spread poor health among women..

Anaemia is responsible for wide spread poor health among women..

Anaemia is a major public health issue in India today. Anaemia can be called our national disease and in fact it is a national calamity. The figures for anemia among women and children of India are truly staggering, 50% to 80%. It is estimated that more than half of all Indian women and ¾th of Indian children suffer from anaemia. The concept that women have been made as the machines of child rearing and nature has provided for the same is dangerous. Similarly forcing only milk diet on children and not offering them natural vegetarian foods till they are grown up is a grave mistake. The result is rampant anemia. The paradox about anaemia is that, in India the level of anemia does not seem to have any relationship with the material wealth and is more often related to ignorance and lack of education. Many women from the well to do families suffer from anaemia and they are not aware of it. They may visit different doctors with complains of body pains , giddiness, weakness, laziness, black outs or loss of vision, excessive menstruation or less of it.

Symptoms may include:

  • Extreme fatigue.

  • Pale skin.

  • Shortness of breath.

  • Chest pain.

  • Frequent infections.

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness.

The redeeming feature is that anemia can be easily diagnosed and treated, if you suspect its presence.

Iron-deficiency also has important consequences for the future generations, as iron-deficiency anaemia increases the risk for preterm labour, low birth weight, infant mortality and predicts iron-deficiency in infants after 4 months of age. Good diet and nutritional supplements like iron, calcium, folic acid, proteins etc can restore health. Consult your family doctor!


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