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Celebrate Ageing:It is not all Gloom

Celebrate Ageing:It is not all Gloom

Many of us abhor old age greying et al and associate it with loss of vitality, energy and verve and fear the life of helplessness and loneliness. Most are focussed on diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancers, bone fractures and heart dysfunction. Need not be! Some respect old age for maturity, compassion, forbearance, understanding, patience and wisdom. Many doctors opine that one should abandon disease as the focus of healthcare. Mindset of disease can lead to over-treatment or over-diagnosis. It is not uncommon that an person is being prescribed medicines by different specialists, unmindful of what others have advised and in the process the person may be taking 5 pills of vitamins with same composition and his life style is reduced to swallowing pills every hour without consideration of the benefits if any or harmful effects or financial stress.

If a person is given to understand that he is old and infirm, he will start feeling the same and even behaving the same. Chronological age is a mirage and is misleading. Think young and you will remain young! Do not be glued to the TV all day long. Have positive state of mind and remain physically active for most of the day. Take frequent small meals, avoid sugar and have a good sleep. Have a humane family doctor but shun medicalization. However if any drug is necessary, do not take it irregularly or start and stop on own prescription.

Try to be dear to your near ones and strangers and don’t be irritable. Be useful to society. Yoga and music are soothing and is attitude of a tranquil mind. Old age is a pleasure and enjoy it in the manner, Almighty has ordained!


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