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Good sleep and regular physical activity key to health and longevity

Good sleep and regular physical activity key to health and longevity

Levels of daily physical activity and sleep duration in combination with other lifestyle behaviors may influence longevity, according to an Australian study. Researchers observed the highest risks associated with certain combinations of behaviors, including those involving physical inactivity, prolonged sitting, and long sleep duration, as well as those involving smoking and high alcohol intake.

According to the study, 7.2% of study participants were smokers, 19.1% consumed more than 14 drinks of alcohol per week, 22.9% were not meeting physical activity recommendations, 17.2% were classified as having poor diet, 25.0% sat for more than 7 hours per day, and 23.1% slept too little (less than 7 hours) or too much (more than 9 hours), the authors report. Of all the single risk behaviors, smoking had the strongest association with all-cause mortality. This reinforces an important message for public health that adherence to low-risk lifestyles is likely to be protective for all. Long sleep duration was associated with much higher. Long sleep duration tends to be associated with sleep fragmentation, fatigue, depression, and underlying disease and poor health.

The study reaffirms the importance of healthy lifestyles.


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