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Sh Vijay Dev IAS

Advisor to the administrator

Sub:  A Proposal: solving the parking problem in Chandigarh smart city

Honorable sir,

I am delighted to note that you have made it a mission to convert Chandigarh-the city beautiful into a Smart city as per the thoughts of the PM. While so many aspects need to be tackled before it is declared as smart city, parking is a major problem.

I give a proposal in brief to solve the problem in sector 16.

The area in front of Rose garden comprising the present M C parking and the adjoining area of the GH 16 ,which has a few dwelling units, mostly unused for residence of doctors and others make a large chunk of land. If the same is developed into a multi-storey parking ( 3 levels of basements and at least 6 levels of above the ground storey’s), it can be sufficient for 3-5 thousands vehicles. This will be enough not only to make the hospital as vehicle free zone, but also sufficient for parking for the residents of entire sector, thus making the lanes and bye lanes free from vehicles and thus navigable.

If this effort is found to be working for sector 16, the same can be replicated in other sectors. This will be a giant step in the direction of making the city Smart.


With kindest regards

(Dr. R.Kumar)

Convenor SPEAK, former member Local advisory committee

0172 2770499, 9876016232


Copy: Mayor and commissioner MC, Home secretary, DHS


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