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Laugh loudly as often as you can! Prevent Grumpiness!!

Laugh loudly as often as you can! Prevent Grumpiness!!

Recent research states that more men suffer from ‘Grumpy Old Man’ syndrome when they hit 70. They might be struggling with wearisome health problems, and/or feel depressed because they have no aspirations or goals left to attain. Men who suffer from this syndrome may experience a sense of feeling burned out, increased depression, increased irritability, increased anxiety, more nervousness, more joint complaints, reduced mental effectiveness, increased sweating. They may have a need for more sleep or suffer sleep disturbances. They may notice muscular weakness, physical exhaustion, impaired sexual potency, a disturbed libido, and decreased beard growth.

A person might be having an off day purely because they are not eating the right foods, or are sleep deprived.

I find myself living with a stroppy, difficult man who rebels by shouting at innocent cyclists, growling at the news presenter on television, or spends hours sulking in his shed?

He is a shell of his former self–both physically and mentally. He becomes invisible to those younger than him. He lacks a sense of purpose. He loses his firmness and assertiveness, and shrinks in stature and personality. The final stage where he becomes dependent on others. He is frustrated and frightened. Little wonder he is querulous


Understand what is happening. Ensure you and your partner exercise, eat well, are occupied with hobbies and interests, and most important of all, make sure you both laugh. Go to comedy shows, films and read light-hearted books. Play cheerful music on your stereos.


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