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Myths Push you to unethical path!

Myths Push you to unethical path!

Deepa confronted the eye-doctor with anguish writ large on her face. “ I have been fed on carrots regularly, since we visited you last year, the power of my glasses has increased instead of decreasing- what kind of treatment you are doing doctor?”  almost blaming the doctor for his incompetence. Such situations are common in any eye-clinic. The cause of such misbeliefs and myths lie in the psyche of our people, which have been reinforced by Neem-Hakims over decades and now the neo-eye specialists, the optical shopkeepers. It is a common experience that each one of our friend, relative, visitors will offer advice on medical treatment or choice of your doctor, if you have a medical problem or defect in vision. While one will suggest a super food another will speak about a wonder drug and third will emphasize on a magic- touch of a doctor known to him; who could cure your problem or prevent any deterioration. Even in a city like chandigarh, it is not uncommon to see queues of well educated and well placed people in front of optical shops, seeking consultation about their eyes from non-doctors. While there are laws against quackery, and even courts have taken exception to consultation and treatment by non-doctors, the practice of seeking and giving consultations by ordinary shopkeepers, with no qualification, knowledge, experience, legal authority-goes on unabated and without any checks.


Failure to use glasses will progressively weaken your eyes and vice versa?


The fact is that corrective glasses are needed to see better if the vision is weak. The use of glasses will not reduce or check the number of your glasses nor the failure to use them will damage the eyes or increase the number. Generally the power of glasses is related to your body growth and gets stabilized when the growth is complete.



Eye exercises, yoga exercises, and strong medicines from alternative systems of medicine can help to remove glasses?


Use of any specific nutrients/ diet, exercises, medicines etc has no role to play in reducing the number of spectacles. True that carrots have high content of vitamin A and vitamin A is required for good vision, but it has no role in refractive errors like short sightedness or long sightedness.


I am washing my eyes by splashing cold water almost every hour, yet I get a feeling of foreign body in the eye and there is constant irritation. Why?


Washing the eyes once or twice daily may be acceptable, but overdoing it will lead to displacement of the normal tear secretions with ordinary water and lead to relative dryness in the eyes. Similarly if cold fomentation is indicated e.g. in case of heat-related burning sensation, it may be done by ice cube held in handkerchief.


I have constant watering in the eye. I am afraid it is serious. Can it lead to blindness?


Watering as a symptom is not serious and it may not cause loss of vision. It denotes either failure of drainage of normal tears, excessive production of tears due to irritation or weakness of the lids resulting in spill over of normal tears, as seen in the old age. It may require consultation with eye specialist.


I have to work on computer for several hours a day. I am afraid that computer emits harmful rays. How to protect my eyes against damage?


Computer does not produce any harmful rays. Only protection required is against glare by putting an anti-glare screen on the monitor or wearing suitable glasses. The eyes may also be protected against being dry by frequent blinking and putting lubricating eye drops as and when prescribed.



I watch T.V. lying comfortably in the bed. Why do my eyes get tired?


Watching T.V.while lying in the bed is a faulty posture and puts strain on the eye muscles. Sit at 10 feet, keep lights on and give break after half hour.


My grandmother is suffering from progressive painless loss of vision for the last two years. Can her CHITA-MOTIA be operated even before maturation of cataractor we have to wait till  she becomes blind completely?


The presumption that she is suffering from cataract can be wrong and dangerous. The loss of vision can be due to other causes e.g. glaucoma (kala-motia) or retina disease. Only an examination by an eye specialist can reveal the cause. In any case we do not wait for maturation of the cataract for its operation.



If I suffer from soreness in the eye I start with sulphacetamide eye drops to treat the trachoma. Why this trachoma is not responding this time?


Trachoma is not the only eye infection, which one can suffer. In fact trachoma is now on its way out. There can be a large number of other causes of soreness in the eye. Go to your eye-doctor.


Why should I go to eye specialist if I have no problem?


Regular eye check ups are useful to detect eye problems early and prevent their deterioration e.g. In case of diabetic retinopathy if early detection is done you can save the patient from blindness and vice versa.  Do not consult a non-doctor


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