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Safety of medical students and doctors is paramount!

Safety of medical students and doctors is paramount!

While the news of Government grant of 150 crores to the Medical college Patiala and setting up super-specialty centres in the hospital is a much delayed step, which has now come like a breath of a fresh air, a meeting of Patiala health foundation, led by Dr. Chatha  from USA reached following significant decisions. The meeting was chaired by Sh. Husan Lal  IAS secretary medical education Punjab Govt and co-chaired by Dr. K.D.Singh the Principal of the college.


  1. The under road tunnel from college side to hospital side be opened from dawn -dusk after cleaning and lighting, with immediate effect, for the pedestrians esp the staff, students and the patients. This will not only be convenient and time saving but also protect precious lives, who are exposed to danger of crazy traffic all day long.


  1. As desired by Secretary medical education, advance funding  may be made available from the funds provided by the Govt already, on replenishment basis and the Finance dept may be persuaded to pass the bills w r t oxygen supply with out any delay. This will keep the oxygen supply intact and save nearly 36 lacs per year for the Govt.


  1. Opening of a Jan Aushdhi store to supply good medicines and equipment at affordable prices is a good step and the medical staff need to give the benefit of the same to most of the patients. However it should not become an epicentre of criticism against the doctors. Most doctors don’t prescribe medicines for earning ‘cuts’, but only for the treatment of the patients. The need for action required is at the  highest level viz a) MRP written on the products should not be astronomical-it should be cost plus 5% of profit. There are examples where a pill costing one rupee is carrying a tag of Rs. 20. b) Govt should ensure use of generic medicines from pharma companies, but guarantee good quality universally from all companies. Why the quality of lesser priced products is considered poor?


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