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Scans or money spinning cliques

Scans or money spinning cliques

Many of the scans are just done to get incentives. Some doctors agree that as a specialist, daily they earn Rs 10,000 or more as kickback just by writing investigations. Tests are written even when not indicated. In some government hospitals in Delhi, even residents start earning lacs of rupees in this manner. There is a nexus whereby the patients are referred to a particular diagnostic centre to ensure the kickback is secure..

The businessmen open centres offering radiological imaging because it is a lucrative business. One can make a lot of money. The cost of 3 crore worth CT scan machine can be recovered in just one year. Businessman is then ready to pay a lot of salary to the radiologists. Therefore, it is no surprise that MD radiology PG seat is most sought after. Medical seats can be bought because people see money in this profession .Same is the case with Pathology. With rising interest in bodily beauty, some of the people want to be a dermatologist, in reality want to be a ‘Medical Beautician’.

Diagnostic centres have PROs who will be assigned different areas. They will go to a doctor to inform about the ‘percent’ kick back and later would also take the ‘lifaafa’ containing the monthly kickback. Some of these PROs when learn the tricks of the trade, themselves buy a second hand CT/MRI machine and become the owner and keep doctors as their ’employees’ to run this game of ‘referral-kickback’

Cardiology which deals with serious conditions is also in deep muck. In certain hospitals it has been reported by patients that-a) they are asked by doctors: Are you covered under government health scheme? If you undergo this you are likely to benefit, there will no charge paid by you, every thing is reimbursed to you.
b) Middle man from stent sellers roam around in the hospital and give commission @ 50% to doctors for every stent placed in the patient. Patients are asked to buy a stent of particular brand only and from a particular shop. Many of such stents are those stents which were rejected by regulatory authorities in Western countries.
It is lure of money. Further, using ultrasonography by telling the sex of the unborn child the radiologists forgot the Hippocratic oath  to make easy money did what is not expected of them. The human womb became a money earning box for them and the female body became a child producing machine. They used various middlemen, gave commissions to get the commodity to make money.

Many of the patients they pay for their treatment by selling their land, houses, taking loans. It is very shameful that just to earn money some of doctors forget ethics.


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