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Seminar on ‘minimum medicine maximum health’ at MGSIPA sector 26 Chandigarh

Invitation: Seminar on ‘Minimum Medicine Maximum Health’   Monday 26th Feb 2018, 10.30 am onwards, in collaboration with MGSIPA sector 26 Chandigarh, followed by lunch

Dear Sir/Madam

We are delighted to request you to be a Guest on this important occasion. With your benign presence, our efforts to develop a ‘culture of health’ in the country will get a boost. There is no registration fee, but your pre-registration through e mail/whatsapp will help us to plan the event better.


The focus of SPEAK India is on healthy lifestyle, prevention of disease, patient education, medical literacy, promotion of ethical and affordable healthcare, while redeeming the image of doctors.


Celebrity speakers and chairpersons have been invited to share their views, as per synopsis cum tentative program attached for your kind perusal.


Eminent citizens from all walks of life, besides the media, members of NGOs,bureaucrats, doctors, guests and others will grace the occasion, making it a unique event of national importance.


With kindest regards



(Dr. R.Kumar)

President SPEAK,

0172 2770499, 9876016232

Synopsis cum program

Seminar on ‘Minimum Medicine Maximum Health’, organized by SPEAK India in collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration @MGSIPA on 26th Feb  2018  10.30 am  (sponsored by GOI )       


It is proposed to hold a seminar with the objective to improve healthcare in the country. This can be achieved by developing a ‘culture of health’, against the culture of disease which prevails at present. This seminar will provide an opportunity to get a Consultation from civil society through Convergence of Media, doctors, jurists and eminent citizens.

Woefully, even 70 years after independence the focus on healthy life style is minimal and patient care is dismal. While corporate hospitals are overpriced, unaffordable and exploitative, people are not satisfied with the public hospitals. Better buildings, new equipment, adequate recruitment and deployment, are essential.  Issues such as training, quality of services, absenteeism, staff behavior and the underlying incentives and disincentives are a matter of good governance.  In any case lessons in ethics are need of the hour for all sections of health care and patient care personnel in private as well as public sectors. Culture of Health need to take deep roots in our society.


Media was expected to present a balanced view of the patient care scenario, but has indulged in ‘hype’ against the doctors and hospitals. This has led to pent up anger in the society against the whole of profession, resulting in loss of trust between patients and doctors and the consequent deterioration in health outcomes and un-necessary litigations, assaults and public outcry. Recent 2 cases one pertaining to a premature newborn in Delhi and other 7 years old dengue death in Gurgaon are the illustrative examples of hype, public outcry and kneejerk reaction of the vote hungry political bosses.


Bringing doctors under the consumer protection Act (COPRA)through a Supreme court directive without working out details and public discussion was a grave error, which has taken away empathy, sympathy, compassion from the doctors’ mind and left them saving their own skin first. Clinical establishment Act(CEA 2010) passed by the parliament in a hurry and without discussion, transferred  the onus of patient care on private establishments unilaterally and without involving them  or compensating them in any manner further accentuated the distrust. Several contradictory judgments have been noticed, where doctors were penalized for doing an expensive investigation or surgery in the one instance and punishing them for avoiding expensive interventions in another case, when patient filed a suit after several years.  Doctors are baffled and are unable to do their best in this environment of fear and persecution. The need to file PIL in Supreme Court to develop a culture of health rather than improving ICU care after the person become sick, on the pattern of Farmers suicide case has been felt.


The concept that one should ‘rush to the specialist doctors’ in the first instance is flawed, dangerous and expensive. Why PGI is flooded with patients who could have been dealt elsewhere? Do all of them medical treatment at all?  Before deciding to consult a doctor just introspect whether your symptom could be due to over -eating, fatigue, worry, dehydration, sleeplessness, excessive mobile use, muscle pain due to faulty exercise etc.  If unhealthy life style practices are excluded  and your symptoms persist you may talk to your family physician, who will act as a friend, philosopher and guide and tell you simple remedies without expensive medications or tests on most occasions.  In any case obviating ‘cultureof health’ and running for investigations and medicine is bane of patient care in India! Why should we follow American system of health care where 3 tr $ are spent every year and the services are still scanty and unsatisfactory. Can India afford such a luxury?








Tentative Programme Feb 26, 2018 ,


10.00 AM    Meet and greet/ Registration/welcome drink


Anchor : Dr. Manjushree Sharma


10.30      Welcome address (10 minutes) Mr Kaushal  DG  MG SIPA

10.40  Introduction of Dr. R.Kumar(2 minutes)     Dr. Manjushree Sharma


10.42  Keynote address Theme of   SPEAK ; healthy lifestyle and affordable Patient Care                                   Dr. R.Kumar (30 minutes)


Tea 11.15


11.30  Seminar    session 1

Chairpersons Mr Ajit Chatha, Justice Pritam Pal and Prof Jagat Ram


3 Principal speakers   20 minutes each


Harish Khare ‘Hype against doctors is not in public interest’

CJ Vijender Jain  ‘Copra and CEA2010 have proved counterproductive, need for PIL on ‘focus on culture of health’

Dr. Jang Dilawari ‘How to keep away from doctors and hospitals’


Panel discussion : Raji Srivatava with all speakers and chairpersons

Endorsements by selected Dignitaries: 2 minutes each total 10 minutes, brief questions from audience (10 minutes)


01.30 pm    Vote of thanks

Lunch 01.30 PM onwards


In the afternoon there will be another session for the welfare of the senior citizens



Dr. R.Kumar President SPEAK India

232/sector 16 A Chandigarh  9876016232


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