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Some recommendations to GOI to improve healthcare: Press Club

Some recommendations to GOI to improve healthcare: Press Club

  • Admit MBBS only those with aptitude to serve, compassion, empathy-not marks alone.

Will he help a dog in distress on priority?

  • Training in ethics be made compulsory before examination or graduation
  • Can switch to other profession if approach is commercialization or look for lucrative career
  • Need for developing highly skilled faculty and in good numbers: institutes need to be set up
  • higher investment in healthcare, healthy life style & health literacy, universal insurance, free tests, free medicines, second opinion centres, PPP –OPD for good primary healthcare @My clinics
  • PU/other research institutes : to conduct research in incidence, causes and remedies of unethical practices
  • Doctors & staff: sensitization towards Pt in Quality, safety, cost, accessibility, politeness, contentment, honesty, ethics
  • Public: warning about perils of medicalization: to change the mindset of medicine, tests, doctors, surgery etc
  • To constitute boards/ethic committees by changing law, in each hospital to decide when a reasonable conclusion can be reached ‘this patient cannot be cured’. This will save from worst form of meicalization. After that either the patient is shifted to hospice or sent home after removing life support systems to avoid national wastage of scarce tertiary care, indebtness to family and pain and distress to the patient at the sunset.


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