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SPEAK India’s Health conclave and Biennial Awards at PGI on March 3, 2019

SPEAK India’s Health conclave and Biennial Awards at PGI on March 3, 2019

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SPEAK India’s Health Conclave on March 3 at PGI

Society for promotion of ethical and affordable health care is organizing a conclave on March 3, at 10 am onwards in collaboration with PGI. The venue is the auditorium of Advanced Pediatric centre.  The theme of the conclave is ‘reducing spending on wasteful and unethical medical practices’, according to Dr. R.Kumar, President SPEAK India.  Eminent doctors from among all over the country will advise on protocol for interventions in various specialties so that wasteful practices can be curtailed and medical treatment made affordable.  Another message is that by focusing on wellness the country can reduce the role of doctors and hospitals by 70-80%. This will obviate the need to set up more AIIMS thus saving lot of money of the nation.

The Society will also honor eminent and ethical doctors/hospitals so as to send a message across the country so that we can usher in ‘healthy India’ only, if we make medical care ethical. Five top doctors have been selected for the jury awards.

  1                   2               3           4             5

1 Padam shree Dr. Harsh Kumar, Ophthalmology from centre of sight New Delhi

  1. Dr. T.S.Mahant Cardiology from Fortis hospital

  2. Dr. T.D.Singh Diagnostics from Babina Group Imphal

4.Dr. Vinay Sakhuja  Internal medicine from Max hospital

  1. Dr. S.S.Baijal Radiology Medanta medicity Gurgaon

Besides the Jury awards Prof I.S.Jain memorial Gold medal will be presented to Dr. Amod Gupta, former dean and head of Advance Eye Centre(AEC). Silver medals will be presented to Dr. Kanchan Bhardwaj from medical college Patiala, Dr. Neeraj Gupta orthopedic surgeon GMSH 16, Best Post-Graduate of AEC, and Mohandai Oswal Hospital Ludhiana for charitable work.

Eminent Speakers on the occasion will include Dr. S.K.Sharma, Urology, Dr. J.S.Thakur Public health, Dr. S.K.Jindal chest diseases besides others.


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