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Violence against doctors! Counter-productive! Shameful!!

Violence against doctors! Counter-productive! Shameful!!

Violence against doctors by patients’ relatives has been on the rise in India.

In the latest incident, a doctor was brutally beaten by a number of unidentified men in a hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur District on Sunday. Video shows the crowd beating the doctor mercilessly.

The assault was a result of delay in the arrival of hospital ambulance.

Yes, that small a reason!

Now, is it the doctor’s or even ambulance driver’s fault? In a country like India where people don’t follow the traffic rules, an ambulance arriving on time is close to a miracle. How can patient’s family blame the doctor in-charge for this delay?

Is it a good enough reason to beat a doctor to pulp?

“Say what you want but you NEVER say it with violence!” – Gerard Way

This is just one of the many incidences that the medical community has faced recently and has led to a lot of unrest and insecurity among doctors. Some doctor associations have even gone to lengths of getting their own personal security.

“Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight.” – Bob Marley

Why are hospitals not providing these doctors with enough security? Since, this would definitely create a safe and secure atmosphere for doctors to treat their patients.

To decrease this kind of situations, doctors can include their patients’ and families in the case details, so that everyone is on the same page and chances of friction are lower. In addition, hospitals can provide better security for doctors, atleast in the emergency wards.

1.It is just an extension of our present lawlesness, where anyone feels they can raise their hands on anyone and easily get away with it, since accountability is very poor.

2.also shows people are losing faith in doctors and medical fraternity(the transparency is so poor) If someone wants to challenge a practise/ result , they hardly get an access to any information.

3.It shows people are losing faith in the justice system.(they would like to do the justice, High time to stop it)

4.It shows they don’t understand what goes on in medical treatment.

1. Speedy Investigation and Punishment, policing and Justice system needs revamp.(general issue). I believe what we are seeing is a breakdown of the Justice system(that is why they take law in their own hands when they can)

2.The MCI needs to make itself more visible and vocal and reassure public that they regulate Doctors with very tight control, so that the public gets reassurance that every case will be dealt with fairly,

3.Complaint Redressal system has to be excellent, such that if a civilised written complaint is made against a Doctor, It will generate a fair investigation and answer with due punishment if required within a stipulated period.

4.Patient has to be empowered, where he feels if wishes to sue a Hospital, adequate evidence should be shared with them.

  1. communication where explanation of risk and consequences are clearly maintained between doctors and families have to improve so that there is a better rapport throughout.

6.Social Justice system has to improve, focus on building a society where the gap between the rich and poor decrease rather increase.(Otherwise a section may always feel helpless exploited and victimized resulting in these behaviors)

  1. If IMA is not addressing such issues consider alternatives.

8.Professional insurance for doctors, so that the public retreats from violence and thinks of going for that pot of money by suing.

9.(IMA/Doctors union should make it clear through press) Doctors could sue the Hospital where this happens, it is only money lobby which is going to make the difference, then the MP’s and MLA’s will ensure legislations come in….

  1. Someone has already raised this point, not more than 1 or person accompanies a patient, The rest of the crowd should be stopped by Hospital security.(IMA could recommend this)

There could be many more elements to it…….. e.g. My own mother was made to follow up for cancer for 5 years following a histopathological diagnosis (likely wrong, 2 conflicting result from 2 Diagnostic centres ), I thought I will sue them, but the traceability was so poor of all the documents, the slides, I felt so disempowered.

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