Broken Health System
March 2, 2018
Miracle cure in India’s Healthcare
March 27, 2018

Chitkara university Rajpura campus visit on March 8

Situated on a 60 acres plot and buzzing with activities for the youth, it is a lively place with promise. Several professional courses run by the university with a signature of the visionary Chitkaras, it generates dynamic professions who are picked up by the academia/corporate and  also many of them turn entrepreneurs who become Job givers in the true spirit of PM Modi’s dreams. Visiting their annual exhibition of models on allied health sciences and attending the Annual Diagnostic Seminar as chief guest was a great learning experience. Made possible by Dr. Preeti Pradhan, Dr. Keerti Pradhan, Dr. Meenakshi Sood and Dr. Varsh Singh it was rewarding to interact with the youth and give a message of good health to them and to the community through them.


India needs a paradigm shift in approach to health-opening more hospitals is not necessary for healthcare-for patient care it may be required. The focus has to shift in keeping the population healthy, rather than allowing them to fall sick and then become seriously ill to require ICU care. It has been found that most persons from that stage of life either do not survive or do not lead a productive life. However it leads to waste of scarce national resources or loss of life time savings  or debt on the patient. Healthy life style and ethical patient care is the need of the hour, Dr. Kumar stressed in the talk ‘minimum medicine, maximum health’.

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