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Baldev saved of blindness

Baldev saved of blindness

This middle aged man from Yamunanagar was convinced of his impending blindness when he reported in panic to Retina doctor in a metro city.

It happened about one month back when he accidentally closed his right eye while wiping  away sweat on his face, sitting in the verandah of his house in his hometown. He felt as if the whole world had gone into darkness, with no ray of light from any direction. As he hurriedly pulled away his hand, he was able to see things around. He repeatedly closed and opened his right eye and had the same experience, every time. He felt something has gone wrong  suddenly with his left eye and God forbid if the same problem occurs to his right eye, what will he do.

He ran to the nearest eye specialist, who agreed with him that his ‘left eye had gone bad and his right eye may be in danger’ also.  This panicked him further and he started  visiting various eye doctors in and around his town. Some prescribed drops, others pills still others spectacles  while one hinted at surgery of his ‘Motia’?  He was crestfallen. When he came to metro city he was in extreme anxiety.

He was lucky to meet an ethical doctor in the retina clinic. Doctor gave him a thorough examination after listening to his history, carefully. The patient asked a question-‘is there any hope of recovery after surgery’? Doctor coolly replied “my dear you don’t require surgery or any other treatment. Your right eye is absolutely normal and is not endangered in any manner. Your left eye has been weak from early childhood and continued to be so all these years. Your discovery of its blindness now is purely incidental. Go home and lead a normal life, as before”, concluded the doctor. Thus Baldev was saved of blindness.

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