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Chances of survival and leading a useful life are minimal?

Chances of survival and leading a useful life are minimal?

Sanon had lived a life of prince/ king all his life with foods, drinks and pleasures abound. Didn’t care when the paunch started taking over his tummy or the pointer in the weighing machine started tilting towards century mark.  He remained oblivious of his uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Suddenly one day  when he was high with his peg in the club, his boisterousness was replaced by immobility, quietness and darkness as paralysis of his right half of the body set in. His only son serving in Dubai, the members of his 60+ club shifted him to a corporate hospital, where he was put on ventilator and pipes were inserted in all his orifices to facilitate various functions. The savings in Gulf started flowing in the hospital account at the rate of rupees one lakh per day. The son arrived after 15 days when half of his savings were exhausted. 

When he met the treating staff in the hospital and enquired about the recovery of his father he got vague and un-assuring replies. He shifted him to another corporate hospital. They did not feel the necessity of ventilator and put a nurse on duty round the clock. This gladdened the son for a while. But the fast depleting reserves in his bank account and warning to terminate his services from employer, if he did not join back in one week, were the major concerns. Besides, his father’s progress was inconclusive. He took a bold decision of shifting the patient home and engaged nursing attendants round the clock.

By this time his job was stake and bank manager called him to inform about the need to maintain a mandatory ‘minimum balance’ in the account. As he flew back to UAE he was wondering,  ‘what will people say about my decision, is it correct or flawed?’ What if he had taken this decision earlier, before the bank account started dwindling! Should one continue to torture the patient till last breath and drain out life time savings only to get wah, wah from friends and relatives, if the chances of survival and leading a useful life are minimal?

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