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Saving a friend’s life from the clutches of medicalization

Saving a friend’s life from the clutches of medicalization

Rai had a fall while playing golf and suffered minor injury on his shoulder. He had some pain and slight restriction of movement. He stopped playing golf and got all possible tests done to rule out any fracture or another significant injury. Fortunately there was none. He started taking pain killer pills several times a day to beat the nagging pain. As the days passed pain became less but painkillers continued. Rai was already on a perilous journey to medcalization. After a few days he noticed that his stools had become black.

His wife felt that the change of color of the stool could be due to infection and she added a strong antibiotic to get early recovery from the supposed infection. Rai developed frequent and loose stools. Lady wife increased the dose of medicines. Rai became so weak that even going to the toilet became a difficult task. He consulted a friend physician-who suspected that he is suffering from bleeding stomach due to over-medication. That was confirmed on stool examination.

Friend advised stopping all medicines as a matter of treatment! Mrs Rai was not willing but yielded under pressure of friend physician and willingness of Rai to follow the advice. Soon he started recovering. The color of his excreta changed from black to normal pale yellow. He felt relieved. If he had continued with the medicines and not followed the friends advice the result could be disastrous.  Learn to be learnt is that avoid or minimize intake of medicines in general and self medication in particular.


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