Can you stay young?

Can you stay young while ageing? Miracle drugs or…

It’s not about wrinkle creams, plastic surgery, or injections to make you look younger. It’s about having a positive mental attitude, staying mentally and physically active, and having good food and adequate sleep.

Positive attitude

You must have goals and look forward to the future, irrespective of your actual age. Will you look forward to the future when you are 75 or 85 as much as you did when you were 25? If the answer is “yes,” your positive attitude will help keep you going. Avoidance of smoking, alcohol, drugs or any other toxic chemicals would be positive on your health.

Don’t feel old with the number of age

You are only as old as you feel. Forget your chronological age or your physical appearance. For example, if a person genuinely feels too old to do a physical activity, such as hiking a mountain, she is apt to cut back on the activity. Once she does, her muscles will start to shrink from lack of use, and her bones may get smaller, and she may cut back her activities even more. You are as young as you feel.

Resist old age sticks, till essential

It’s too easy to become dependent on mobility aids because they are easier than doing the work our bodies need and crave. If walking tires you out, walk slowly and walk often to build up your strength and endurance. The more often you exercise and use your muscles, the less tired you’ll feel. Maintain or improve your existing fitness level by continuing to remain active or gradually ramp up to where you want to be.
Continue working

Many studies have shown a correlation between early retirement and earlier death. But having a job gives you something to look forward to. You learn new things through work and develop social networks, important activities to have throughout life. Work, actual or volunteer, is in part what keeps people living to advanced ages. Consider working part-time, switching to a less stressful job, or volunteering.

Keep your chin up

Even if you have a disease or illness that’s impacting your life, having a positive attitude will keep you healthier and could extend your life. The people who had optimistic outlooks during the duration of the studies had significantly less risk of dying than those with pessimistic attitudes.
Aging as opportunity

Self-perception of aging has a greater impact on survival than blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Those who believed aging was no big deal were able to climb stairs, do housework, work full-time, go out socially, and do other activities associated with younger people.

Ignore negative examples of aging

People were exposed to negative words associated with aging, such as “cranky,” “senile,” or “feeble,” or positive aging words such as “active,” “accomplished,” and “knowledgeable.” when these adults were exposed to  positive stereotypes, they performed significantly better and as well as people in their teens and 20s.
Keep on working till last

While work itself can keep you younger, there is more to life than just work. Look forward to life in general. You must have personal goals and aspirations, as well as professional ones. Goals help you grow and develop at any age. Love others as you wish to be loved.

Adequate food, sleep, exercise, yoga et all

What is necessary at all ages is required in old age also.  Don’t isolate, remain in circulation, meet more people

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