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DENTAL IMPLANTS: use or abuse (Dr. Davinder)

  • Dental implants are newest method of replacement of missing teeth where functional as well as aesthetic loss is restored. Though, costly treatment but patients are opting for this method. In market its price ranges from 30,000- 45000, depending upon the design, size and manufacturing company.
  • Mostly done in where the bone is in healthy condition both in width as well as length wise.
  • Dental Implants are also done to replace fractured tooth, badly carious tooth and root stumps. The first line of treatment should always be for restoring the original fractured/ carious tooth rather than going for dental implant.
  • Some Dentists in the market are doing unethical practice by suggesting for replacement of above said tooth with implants. But restoration of original tooth should always be kept in mind how long may that tooth gives function instead of implant.
  • Misleading public notion that implant will survive forever sometimes leads to early tooth extraction. As dental professionals, we should avoid basing our treatment plans on thoughts and beliefs and stick as much as possible to evidence – based dentistry practice.

Dr. Davinder  MDS

Consultant dental surgeon GMSH 16

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