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Getting rid of spectacles! (Dr. Arun K Jain)

LASIK surgery is one of the commonest types of cosmetic surgery for getting rid of spectacles.    Other alternatives for LASIK surgery are PRK [phtorefractive keratectomy] or ICLs [implantable collamer lens]. Before the surgery a number of screening tests/invetigations are done to know about the safety of the procedure. In any refractive surgery clinic approximately one third of the subjects are rejected for surgery because of contraindications or the individual opting out for the surgery for whatever reasons.  Even if all the tests are normal, still there is no surety that complications, won’t occur. It is very important to familiarize one-self with the procedure, educate yourself about various risks involved, discuss it with your eye doctor and once you are fully informed then only make a decision either way.

It is quite important to go through the consent form and discuss various issues regarding surgery.

Some risk factors:

  • When spectacle power is unstable or frequently changing.
  • Spectacle number is very high
  • Corneal thickness is too less
  • Tests like Corneal topography and tomography are not normal
  • Post LASIK residual corneal thickness is not adequate
  • keratoconus: subclinical or progressive

Problems after LASIK surgery

  • Dry eyes 100%
  • Glare and haloes around light in most patients
  • Though rare, post LASIK ectasia is an important risk

Dr. Arun K Jain

Professor AEC PGI

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