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Hip pain in women 

Arthritis pain is often felt in the front of your thigh or in the groin, because of stiffness or swelling in the joint. Symptoms of a hip fracture include pain when you straighten, lift, or stand on your leg. Also, the toes on your injured side will appear to turn out, One of the most common causes of tendinitis at the hip joint, especially in runners, is ilio-tibial band syndrome.

Fluid-filled sacs called bursae cushion the bony part of the hip that is close to the surface. Like the tendons, these sacs can become inflamed from irritation or overuse and cause pain whenever you move the hip joint. Hernia is another cause of pain. Hip pain in women can have gynecological causes. Pain from the uterus, back and spine also can be felt around the buttocks and hip. Sciatica a pinched nerve, typically affects one side of the body and can cause pain in the back of the right or left hip — the pain from sciatica can start in your lower back and travel down to your buttocks and legs.

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