Patient Education

When it may be heart attack! (Dr. H.Sahota)

  • Chest pain, or pressure or tightness, palpitation-sudden or gradual
  • Shortness of breath, weakness, tiredness, arm or shoulder pain
  • Numbness; neck or jaw.- consult cardiologist
  • Tests done to confirm:  EKG, Echocardiogram, Stress Echocardiogram or Cardiac Nuclear test
  • 24 hour Holter, may require Angiogram
  • If intervention necessary-First thing to try is Balloon Angioplasty,( Perfusion Balloon ).
  • Bare Metal Stent or Drug Coated Stents required in patients with Recurrent Stenosis or with Diabetes, HT
  • Prevention with Life Style Changes  and Avoid Stress, Maintain weight, moderate exercise like walk for half an hour, no smoking, remain active

Stent insertion is one of the most abused interventions, go for it when essential. Take second opinion where possible



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