Our mission is healthy India through healthy life style, medical literacy, ethical and affordable healthcare while upholding the trust and respect of medical profession, sans quackery. We do not intend to replace your family doctor, but wish to be added as a family friend for guidance on health and wellness matter.

a. To promote healthcare for the patients and health of the community

1. Patient needs medical literacy and health awareness so as to be partner in the prevention and management of his health condition.
2. There is a need to set up protocols to avoid un-necessary investigations and interventions.
3. Medical profession and the hospital owners/managers should make all out effort to make the services less expensive and affordable. Speak can set up advocacy services with the private hospitals to bring down the costs.
4. Holding seminars, workshops, press conferences to educate the public and doctors about the importance of making healthcare affordable to all and to usher in ‘healthy India’.
5. Doctors should have good clinical acumen and they should be competent, compassionate, accessible and empathetic in approach.
6. Saying No…No …to quackery.
7. To promote healthy life style for a healthy India.

b. To protect doctors and their reputation in public interest

1. Innovative and unethical methods practiced by the some doctors led to fall in their reputation.
2. Targeted by the society, media, law makers and others led to demoralization, frustration.
3. Patients today expect good outcomes in all ailments under all circumstances.
4. Increasing acts of violence, vandalism, manhandling and harm caused to physicians and their properties.
5. The Government and the lawmakers have so far ignored the unrest among doctors and call even a normal fee as loot and side with their voters.
6. Some doctors have given up their medical profession and taken to passive roles or non medical career.
7. Need to save the doctors from undue assaults and pressure-media can highlight the good work done by majority of doctors rather than focus on stray incidents of failure.

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