Welcome to SPEAK

We have set up SPEAK , a core group of doctors that will work for the promotion of ethical and affordable healthcare on the one hand and protect and preserve and restore the pristine glory of ‘noble medical profession’ on the other. Well intentioned doctors, social activists and benevolent workers from all other professionals are solicited to join SPEAK. The membership is free and one can enroll after filling the form on line, if one subscribes to the aims and objectives of SPEAK. It is only an educational site; consult your family doctor before taking a decision about your health or treatment choices. The administrator has the right to privacy and can refuse to answer any question without assigning reason. The information printed on this page or sent  in reply to a question is given in good faith and without any cost and free from any legal liability.

Many members of community believe that corruption has crept into the holy precincts of medical profession’ viz. avoidable and over-priced surgery e g cataract and glaucoma, uterus removal and caesarean, knee and hip joint replacements, cardiac stent insertions and bye pass surgery& un-necessary laboratory and imaging investigations e g MRI and CT Scans, too many annual and emergency blood tests, have become increasingly common. Many hospitals fleece the insurance companies and the government, if they are paying the bills. No doubt, there is a need to cut costs of procedures, medicines, devices and reduce investigations.

Despite the above mentioned, it goes without saying that doctors in general believe in the welfare of patients. In fact as compared to all other professions, quantum and percentage of corrupt is less in this profession but has been hyped out of proportion. Even normal fee for consultation is being labeled as ‘loot’. Media hype and frequent litigations and astronomical compensation by the courts have put the doctors in a piquant situation where they have started practicing defensive medicine i e either to shirk a serious or complicated patient or order elaborate tests and surgeries. The fear of punishment has forced the doctors to withdraw from doing their best. “Doctors are under tremendous pressure. Any bad outcome today gets labeled as ‘medical negligence’, with friends and family of the patient threatening/taking to violence or to “call television channels to scare a hospital into waiving off their bills.”

The society will have 3 major objectives

  1. Social Advocacy; promotion of ethical and affordable healthcare through write ups, seminars, hosting website and social media, government and social actions or any other ways. It will also strive to bring down the cost of various procedures by reasoning, advocacy and appeal to private and public organizations. At the same time it will endeavor to educate the public at large to have faith in the profession and not to paint the entire health workers community black. It will also focus on the good work being done by the doctors in general despite the hostility brewing all round. The society will speak on various other issues concerning the welfare of the human kind and promote a healthy India by suggesting life style changes.
  2. Patient Information: to promote medical literacy in general and health education of the people esp those requiring healthcare through the website. The website will be an interactive one where the questions can be asked on the web and guidance given about the nature of ailment or the type of specialist to be consulted, on the mail. This will save time and money for the patient and facilitate access to the right kind of good care. It will approach private as well as govt. hospitals to make services more affordable and easily accessible. It will not interfere/ criticize/comment on the working of any individual doctor/hospital or a specific prescription/advice. The role will be educational and facilitation for the patients, doctors and the community at large.
  3. Free first aid cum guidance counter; After SPEAK is able to settle for a suitable premises for the crucial emergency services and able to get clarification about the medico-legal liability and other issues concerning finances etc, it will set up first aid services and guidance counter in cases of minor injuries/ailments and referral to a suitable centre for onwards management.